The Bourgogne Tonnerre vineyard is located in the valley of the river Armançon. Wine-growing in this area developed from the 9th Century, until the phylloxera crisis of 1870 which led to a drop of the production. It is only in 1987 that wine growers decided to bring it back to life, building on century of know-how and tradition. Here as well, like the Bourgogne Epineuil, the work of the wine growers has been successfully acknowledged: the appellation Bourgogne Tonnerre has been granted since 2006. The area produces only white wines, issued from Chardonnay druiven. These wines are dry and fruity, with a beautiful golden colour. These mineral wines have flowers and citrus aromas. They are recommended with snails, fish, poultry in creamy sauce and cheese like Chabichou and Gruyère.

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Domaine de l'Abbaye du Petit Quincy Tonnerre 2010 Waardering 5/5
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Bourgogne Tonnerre 2010

L' Abbaye du Petit Quincy

AC Bourgogne

Verkoopprijs€ 13,00


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