La Côte de Nuits

The famous Côte de Nuits starts just south of Dijon and runs till Corgoloin; it is famous for its red Grand Cru wines with international reputation; the wine-growing part , also called the Côte d\'Or, in the heart of Burgundy is just 40 kilometres long and in most places less than 2 kilometres wide. The wines are classified in Grand Cru, Premiers Cru and Villages (Côte de Nuits Villages). The area is made up of tiny villages surrounded by a combination of flat and sloped vineyards of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They are recommended with red meat, duck, and cheeses like Chaource, Brillat Savarin, Cantal and Brie. The white, issued from Chardonnay, are produced in small quantity; with a beautiful golden colour, the Côte de Nuits Village Blanc have aromas of white fruits and almond. They are recommended with fish and poultry in creamy sauce.

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La Côte de Nuits

Petitot ~ Terres Burgondes 2009 | AC cote de nuits-villages Waardering Nog niet gewaardeerd
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Terres Burgondes 2009


AC cote de nuits-villages

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